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Our Strength: Integrity

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Inspiring energy at NVICO is in full swing.

More and more customers are taking control in generating or conserving energy.

The traditional economy is disappearing gradually in every market.

One moment a consumer or company is playing the role of customer, and the next moment the role as producer or supplier.

NVICO's task is to be the connecting link between those different roles.

So that we not only work together, we also work in conjunction with each other.

We share knowledge, look for synergy and support each other.

With entrepreneurs, strategic partners and experts, we are looking for the added values that will enable NVICO to “Spread Energy, Save Environment & Secure Economy”



We’d be very glad to have you as a partner. Please contact us at

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Partner Advantage

NVICO's Partner Advantage has been designed to optimize our partners success across business and management research, business models, customer/consumer requirements, success metrics, and strategic priorities.

To tell us how awesome we are or for any suggestions

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Come, Partner Us!

Enjoy the benefits of partnership

Partners enjoy many benefits based on the Engagement Model that aligns with their business. Benefits includes financial incentives, sales and marketing resources, technical enablement, and more for a Win-Win Approach towards

Creating Sustainable 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

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